AORRA - Competition Number Registration

Complete this form to register a competition number with the Australian Off Road Racing Association (AORRA) for use in the 2017 calendar year at AASA sanctioned off road racing events. 

There is a $40 fee which will be payable via Credit Card or EFT at completion of the registration process.  Registrations are not valid until payment is received.

Teams can register a competition number at any time during the year, however, all numbers will expire on 31st December 2017. 

If you had a registered number in 2016 or prior to 16th February 2017 with another motorsport body, please provide evidence of that registration. If you do not have your receipt, your application may take longer to process.  Evidence can be uploaded in .jpg, .doc, .pdf, gif or bmp format below.  This offer will finish on Wednesday 8th March 2017.

AORRA will attempt to accommodate previously registered competition numbers, but no guarantees are given.  You can provide up to three number preferences. 

Your registration will remain pending until processed and APPROVED. 

An application for a particular competition number is not a guarantee that it will allocated to you.  No correspondence will be entered into.


Useful Tips for Filling in the Online Form

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If you do not wish to 'Create an Account' and log into this website, completing the form below will register you for the ARB Off Road Racing Series.. 

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This competition number was registered in 2016 and /or before 16th February 2017 with another motorsport body.
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