ARB Australian Off Road Racing Championship - Registration

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Competition Number Competition Class Driver - First Name Driver - Last Name Status
1UnlimitedAaronHaby Approved
93UnlimitedAaronJames Approved
45UnlimitedAndrewBrown Approved
279Class 2AndrewForssman Approved
66UnlimitedAndrewMurdock Approved
10UnlimitedBradChasemore Approved
1012Class 10BrandenPearce Approved
1071Class 10BrendanForssman Approved
120Class 1BrentMartin Approved
406Class 4BrettMilton Approved
95UnlimitedBrettRogers Approved
747Class 7BrettTillson Approved
56UnlimitedCarlHaby Approved
6601Class 66ChrisLand Pending
23Unlimitedchrismartin Approved
665Class 6ChristopherHandley Approved
686Class 6CodeyElliott Approved
68UnlimitedCraigBarnett Approved
133Class 1DaleMartin Approved
1092Class 10DaleStanden Approved
1008Class 10danielwells Approved
42UnlimitedDanielBrown Approved
554Class 5DarranVanderwoude Approved
888Class 8DarrenBott Approved
678Class 6DarrenFrankling Approved
174Class 1DarrenMarks Approved
435Class 4DarrenMott Approved
1074Class 10DavidAdams Approved
117Class 1DavidMiddlemiss Approved
1021Class 10DavidVallance Approved
18UnlimitedDeanCarter Approved
356Class 3SeanDow Approved
480Class 4DavidTowers Approved
147Class 1GlennCollis Pending
43UnlimitedglennMcIntyre Approved
675Class 6GlennPike Approved
922UnlimitedGlennSpizzo Approved
779Class 7HeathWeedon Approved
35UnlimitedIanFish Approved
455Class 4IanTerry Approved
570Class 5andrewcameron Approved
19UnlimitedJakeFreckleton Approved
474Class 4JasonForssman Approved
119Class 1JasonRichards Approved
147Class 1JeffCripps Approved
819Class 8JohnAlfred Approved
445Class 4JohnSmith Approved
1075Class 10JoshuaGaskin Approved
669Class 6RowanFrankling Approved
1043Class 10KarlPower Approved
1105Class 11KeithDaley Pending
50UnlimitedKevinHowitt Approved
123Class 1Matthew Burrows Approved
416Class 4Mark-PaulGrant Approved
96UnlimitedMartynScott Approved
848Class 8MichaelBaxter Approved
433Class 4MichaelDenham Approved
905UnlimitedMichaelFittler Approved
112Class 1NeilPendlebury Approved
235Class 2BrockPendlebury Approved
832Class 8OwenWard Approved
504Class 5PaulGrant Approved
401Class 4PaulGrant Approved
696Class 6PETERMAKEHAM Pending
412Class 4PeterSibson Approved
248Class 2PeterStevenson Approved
225Class 2RhettStanden Approved
128Class 1RobertPlant Approved
1057Class 10RodneyVisser Approved
6681Class 66RossNewman Approved
245Class 2RussellHartnett Approved
671Class 6ScottCoulston Approved
690Class 6SimonGubbins Approved
220Class 2SimonTucker Approved
1065Class 10StevenGraham Approved
16UnlimitedTalbotCox Pending
648sClass 6s (Qld)TammyDaley Pending
1093Class 10TannerJames Approved
411Class 4MarkFoster Approved
81UnlimitedTonyCarabott Approved
1006Class 10TravisConrad Approved
57UnlimitedWilliamRotaru Approved