2022 AORRA Competition Number (Renew OR New)

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Competition Numer Competition Class Driver - First Name Driver - Last Name Status
57 Aaron HabyUnlimitedAaronHaby Approved
1029 Aaron HeemskerkClass 10AaronHeemskerk Approved
93 Aaron JamesUnlimitedAaronJames Approved
665 Aaron NicollClass 6AaronNicoll Approved
45 Andrew BrownClass 1AndrewBrown Approved
4 Andrew BrownUnlimitedAndrewBrown Pending
279Class 2AndrewForssman Pending
135Class 1AndrewMowles Approved
66 Andrew MurdockUnlimitedAndrewMurdock Approved
138 Anthony FehlhaberClass 1AnthonyFehlhaber Approved
6644Class 66AshleyMacMaster Approved
515 Ashley WeinertClass 5AshleyWeinert Approved
628 Ben FatchenClass 6BenFatchen Approved
417 Ben GartnerClass 4BenGartner Approved
6688 Ben MusicoClass 66BenMusico Approved
10 Brad ChasemoreUnlimitedBradChasemore Approved
454 Brad GallardClass 4BradGallard Approved
1012 Branden PearceClass 10BrandenPearce Approved
1071 Brendan ForssmanClass 10BrendanForssman Approved
1080 Brendan WilsonClass 10BrendanWilson Approved
682 Brent StoreyClass 6BrentStorey Approved
1095Class 10BrentTaylor Pending
406 Brett MiltonClass 4BrettMilton Approved
95 Brett RogersUnlimitedBrettRogers Approved
696 Brice DerrickClass 6s (Qld)BriceDerrick Approved
56 Carl HabyUnlimitedCarlHaby Approved
615 Tim BowerClass 6TimBower Approved
180 Chris LandClass 1ChrisLand Approved
6680 Chris LandClass 66ChrisLand Pending
23 Chris MartinUnlimitedChrisMartin Approved
420 Christopher WalkerClass 4ChristopherWalker Pending
619 Christian RichClass 6ChristianRich Approved
407 Christopher RoschClass 4ChristopherRosch Approved
686 Codey ElliottClass 6CodeyElliott Approved
469 Craig ButtonClass 4CraigButton Approved
5Class 1DaleMartin Pending
608 Dale McdonnellClass 6DaleMcDonnell Approved
1092 Dale StandenClass 10DaleStanden Approved
42 Daniel BrownUnlimitedDanny Brown Approved
77 Daniel LambUnlimitedDanielLamb Approved
1052Class 10DanielMacDonald Pending
451Class 4DanielMckenzie Approved
160 Darren AngelClass 1DarrenAngel Approved
689 Darren BrandonClass 6s (Qld)DarrenBrandon Approved
690Class 6s (Qld)LukeBrandon Approved
678 Darren FranklingClass 6DarrenFrankling Approved
435 Darren MottClass 4DarrenMott Approved
226 Darren OrrClass 2DarrenOrr Approved
1057Class 10DarrenRath Approved
1033 Dave MuirClass 10DaveMuir Approved
404 Dave SettleClass 4DaveSettle Approved
478 David AndersonClass 4DavidAnderson Approved
1050Class 10DavidBennett Approved
1061 David DavisClass 10DavidDavis Approved
611 David LoughnanClass 6DavidLoughnan Approved
1070Class 10DavidMendham Approved
117 David MiddlemissClass 1DavidMiddlemiss Approved
46 David SpokesUnlimitedDavidSpokes Approved
1021 David VallanceClass 10DavidVallance Approved
18 Dean CarterUnlimitedDeanCarter Approved
408 Dean MillerClass 4DeanMiller Approved
1005Class 10DeclanCummins Approved
55 Matthew ColemanUnlimitedMatthewColeman Approved
25 Craig MartinUnlimitedCraigMartin Approved
662 Gary TaylorClass 6GaryTaylor Approved
640Class 6GerryHoekstra Pending
699 Joe GuidolinClass 6JoeGuidolin Approved
80UnlimitedGlenTowers Approved
480 David TowersClass 4DavidTowers Approved
43UnlimitedGlennMcIntyre Approved
675 Glenn PikeClass 6GlennPike Approved
922 Glenn SpizzoUnlimitedGlennSpizzo Approved
65 Greg ScanlonUnlimitedGregScanlon Approved
418 Hayden BentleyClass 4HaydenBentley Approved
818 Hayden BentleyClass 8HaydenBentley Approved
1018 Hayden BentleyClass 10HaydenBentley Approved
779 Heath WeedonClass 7HeathWeedon Approved
146Class 1IanBaker Approved
35 Ian FishUnlimitedIanFish Approved
1004 Ian HillClass 10IanHill Approved
111 Ian McdonaldClass 1IanMc Donald Approved
471 Ivan RobertsonClass 4IvanRobertson Approved
58 Ivan SchmockerUnlimitedIvanSchmocker Approved
570Class 5AndrewCameron Approved
1032 Jake EnglandClass 10JakeEngland Pending
49UnlimitedJakeSwinglehurst Approved
1042 Jake WilliamsonClass 10JakeWilliamson Approved
1041 Jakob DouglassClass 10JakobDouglass Approved
647Class 6JamieHenderson Pending
439Class 4JamieKnight Pending
40 Jan KraaijUnlimitedJanKraaij Approved
676 Jason BennettClass 6JasonBennett Approved
637Class 6JasmineChellew Approved
6633 Jasmine ChellewClass 66JasmineChellew Approved
413Class 4JasmineChellew Approved
76 Jason CoombeUnlimitedJasonCoombe Approved
474Class 4JasonForssman Approved
747 Jason ForssmanClass 7JasonForssman Approved
774 Jason ForssmanClass 7JasonForssman Approved
13UnlimitedJasonKeane Approved